JPS Australia


Lady Gaga Tour March 2010

Lady Gaga hit Australia for the Monster Ball tour. It was the first Lady Gaga solo tour and a monster show that featured an elaborate stage set. The shows ran for over 2 hours with numerous costume changes and sets that morphed constantly between songs, moving from New York cityscapes to Tim Burton-esque dream worlds

Eighth Day Sound Systems, Inc supplied the console and monitor package along with 6 crew. JAS supplied the stacks and racks along with an additional 2 audio crew.


March 17 – April 9


60 x D&B J8/12
8 x D&B J-sub
18 x D&B B2
24 x L-Acoustics dV-Dosc
64 x 1 ton motors.

JAS Crew

Audio system tech: Josh De Jong
Audio system tech: Peter O’Leary

The Pixies Tour 2010

    Photos courtesy of Stephen Booth Photography


The Pixies returned to Australia for a sell out national tour. JAS provided a D&B J series system along with a M4 monitor system.

In a sign of things to come the shows were recorded live and CDs were available at the end of the show.


March 14 – 27


32 x D&B J8/12 line array boxes
12 x D&B J-sub
6 x Q7
2 x Yamaha PM5DRH
3 x DV-Dosc sidefill systems
12 x D&B M4 wedges

JAS Crew

FOH system tech: Craig Gordon
Monitor system Tech: Mathew “Boz” Boaro
Audio system tech: Nathan McGuinness

    Photos courtesy of Stephen Booth Photography Click to enlarge

Future Music Festival 2010

2010’s Future Music Festival featured The Prodigy, Empire Of The Sun, Franz Ferdinand, David Guetta and co along with new musical acts including: Spank Rock, Way Out West, Operator Please, Bag Raiders, Space Invadas and Jump Jump Dance Dance!


Feb 27-28, March 6-8

Melbourne Festival

Main stage

24 x L-Acoustics V-Dosc
24 x L-Acoustics SB218

Stage 2

24 x D&B J
18 x D&B B2 sub
1 x Digidesign Profile FOH console
1 x Yamaha PM5D
12 x D&B M4 wedge
2 x Nexo Alpha E side-fill systems

Stage 3

16 x D&B J
12 x D&B J- sub
1 x Digidesign Profile FOH console
1 x Yamaha PM5D
12 x Wayloud wedge
2 x Nexo Alpha E side-fill systems

Sydney festival

Main stage

24 x L-Acoustics V-Dosc
24 x L-Acoustics SB218

Adelaide festival

Main stage

24 x L-Acoustics V-Dosc
24 x L-Acoustics SB218

Prodigy package


2 x Midas XL3
3 x quad D&B C4 side-fill systems Loud!!!
16 x D&B M2 wedges

Franz Ferdinand package

1 x Digidesign Profile FOH console
1 x Yamaha PM5D monitor console
2 x D&B M2 wedges

Whitney Houston 2010

Whitney Houston hit Australia for her first tour here in over 20 years. JAS was asked to supply the D&B J system while the monitor and FOH package came from 8th Day sound.


Wednesday, 24 February – Sydney
Saturday, 27 February – Hunter Valley
Monday, 1 March – Melbourne
Thursday, 4 March – Adelaide
Saturday, 6-7 March – Perth


60 x D&B J8/12 line array boxes.
12 x D&B J-subs.
6 x D&B B2
8 x D&B Q7

JAS Crew

FOH system tech: Doug Pringle
Audio system tech: Eric Sanderson-Evans

Rob Thomas 2010

Rob Thomas hit Australia for the first time on a solo tour and a D&B system was requested. Jim Yakaistori contacted us and mentioned he was keen to us the J system and ran us through what he was looking for. It ended up being quite a substantial setup.

JAS supplied 2 x 96ch Digidesign console systems with 2 x HD3 pro-tools recording/playback systems.

A surprise at the Melbourne show was INXS who turned up and played the last 3 songs with Rob Thomas with a hint of what might be coming later in the year.

The tour ran through a combination of arenas and wineries throughout Australia.


February 12-13


48 x D&B J8 & J12 line array boxes.
16 x D&B J-Subs. There was a combination of flown and ground sub J-subs.
16 x D&B M2 wedges
Digidesign 96ch FOH console
Digidesign Pro-tools HD3 system FOH
Digidesign 96ch FOH monitor console
Digidesign Pro-tools HD3 system Monitors

JAS crew

FOH system tech: Doug Pringle
Monitor system Tech: Conor Dunne
Audio system tech: Nicholas Brunney

Manson, Minnelli and Gray 2009

Marilyn Manson Tour Oct 2009


October 5, 7, 10, 14, 17 2009

Marilyn Manson rocked through Australia for another full-on tour. The system was made up of a 32 box V-Dosc system along with 24 x SB218 subs and a Digidesign D-show out front.

The monitor system included D&B M2 wedges, L-Acoustics ARC side-fills and a PM5DRH console.

JAS crew

FOH system tech: Craig Gordon
Monitor system Tech: Mathew “Boz” Boaro
Audio system tech: Shaun Ayles

Liza Minnelli Tour Sept 2009


October 16-17, 21, 23, 25, 30 2009
November 2 2009

Liza Minnelli returned to Australia after a 20 year hiatuses. A nice quiet affair for all to be had! A pleasant change from Slayer and Manson that week!!
The system supplied was a V-Dosc system with a Digidesign Profile out front.
The monitor system comprised of a PM5D console and the Wayloud wedges for Liza.
We supplied 16 x Nexo PS8 wedges for the orchestra as personnel monitors

JAS Crew

FOH system tech: Josh DeJong
Monitor Operator: Alan Mourant

David Gray Tour Sept 2009


13 & 15 Oct 2009

David Gray flew through Australia for a quick promo tour.
D&B J line was requested and supplied for the Hammer Hall show.
We supplied a console and monitor package for the other shows.
Analogue was recalled for FOH with a Midas H3000 and lots of that stuff we love. The monitors ran from the PM5D with the M2 wedges everywhere else.

JAS Crew

FOH system tech: Tristan Johnson
Monitor system Tech: Conor Dunne

Deniliquin Ute Muster Festival 2009

The Deni Ute Muster kicked of in a big way this year with Powderfinger headlining the main stage and doing their only live show for the month.

The system was a D&B J system with a XL4 console out front.

Over 15,000 people turned out for one of the greatest ute musters thus far. Lots of utes and dust to boot! The Ute muster is rapidly becoming one of the great summer festivals on the Australian calendar and we look forward to many more years of dust and utes!

JAS supplied a full production solution to the client including audio, lighting, stage and all production staff. Larry Ponting was the production manager and put the whole show together.


2-3 October 2009


36 x D&B J line
18 x D & B B2 sub
1 x XL4 FOH console
Lots of fx and nice stuff
1 x Yamaha PM5D
16 x D&B M2 wedges

JAS crew

FOH system tech: Doug Pringle
Monitor system Tech / operator: Mark Crawley
Monitor system tech: Paul Kennedy
Audio system tech: Jamie Davidson
Audio system tech: Hayden Smith
Audio system tech: Otavio ‘Guto!’ Santos

The Who 2009

Having recently purchased the D & B J system JAS was contacted by the Who to supply the system for their Australian tour. Paul Ramsay their FOH operator was keen to use the system if it was available as they had been using it worldwide. The tour consisted of arenas and some outdoor shows.

The system also required 3 x Digico digital consoles and was the first, in Australia, to use the SD7.

The SD7 was doing the FOH duties and the 2 x D5 consoles were on monitors. All the consoles were running with dual racks (112chls) and we also supplied a recording system.

The schedule also meant JAS needed to supply a 2nd L-Acoustics VDosc system due to an overnight run back to the Melbourne Grand Prix. At the Grand Prix the Who played to a crowd estimated at 40,000.

The tour also featured the Counting Crows as support.


March 24, 26, 28, 29, 31
April 4

JAS Crew

Craig Gordon – D&B J system tech
Paul Kennedy – system rigger
Connor Dune – monitor rigger

Main touring System

56 x D & B J speakers
16 x D & B J-Sub
12 x D & B B2 Sub
8 x L-Acoustics ARCs

Winery show duplicate system

24 x L-Acoustics VDosc
24 x Wayloud 218 subs
8 x L-Acoustics ARCs

FOH Consoles

1 x Digico SD7 112ch system
1 x Recording 112ch system
1 x Nexo PS8 playback systems

Monitor System

2 x Digico D5 112ch systems
1 x Nexo PS8 shout system


16 x D&B M2 Wedges


8 x L-Acoustics ARCs
2 x L-Acoustics DVsub


1 x D&B C4 sub

Counting Crows JAS console package Perth

2 x Digidesign Profile systems
1 x Full stage patching system

Melbourne GP 2009

British rock legends The Who performed a spectacular concert, to over 40,000, at the 2009 FORMULA 1 Australian Grand Prix.


March 29

JAS Crew

Craig Gordon
Connor Dune
Paul Kennedy

Main system

54 x D & B J line array boxes
16 x D & B J subs
12 x D & B B2 subs

Delay system

16 x L-Acoustics VDosc

GP Side Track

JAS also supplied a Nexo Alpha system with Digidesign consoles for The Future Music Side Track event. With various acts including Sneaky Sound system the tent went off.

Coldplay 2009

Coldplay returned to Australia for another sold-out tour in Feb 2009. As Coldplay like numerous other acts are using the D&B J system, JAS was commissioned to supply our largest arena system to date.

The system design, handled by Tony Smith who has been with the band for many years, was in a 270 ° 6 hang setup with 2 delays down the room.

The system was made up of of 4 x 16 deep hangs of J8 & J12 with 12 x flown J-Subs. The outer 270 ° hangs were 2 x dVDosc subs and 8 x dVDosc boxes each. The 2 x delays up the room consisted of 4 x J8 boxes per hang. The delays had a 40m trussing system running down the room to supply the power and signal.

Coldplay brought their own Digidesign Venue D-Show console packages which were supplied by Wigam UK.

The band used a full in-ear monitoring system so no monitors were needed other than for the opening acts which used a JAS “Wayloud” monitor system with Yamaha M7CL consoles.


February 27 – March 12


72 x d&b J speakers
12 x d&b J-Sub
8 x d&b B2 Sub
4 x L=Acoustics dV-sub
16 x dVDosc

JAS Crew

Paul Gould – JAS audio chief / rigger
Eric Sanderson-Evans – d&b J system tech
Craig Gordon – system rigger
Connor Dune – monitor rigger